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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Friday May!

Please be our guest... 
Twist is holding yet another fabulous fashion show!
The American Gypsy Twist Fashion Show is inspired by the beautiful art of Regina Nalbandian

***Fashion Show starts at 7pm***
***Art Reception from 5:30pm until 9pm***

Artists Bio:
Regina Nalbandian
-Mixed Media/Collage

"Over the years I have taken many art classes and have worked with a number of mediums. It wasn't until my class with Tobin Keller at Cabrillo College that I found my niche.
Mixed Media/collage ~ it was love at first tear/cut!
This was a medium where I could take my love for weathered vintage paper, small rusty found metal objects, long forgotten post cards from far way lands, tossed love letters, unknown family photos, travel memorabilia from ½ a century ago, hand written song sheets on yellowed paper and combine it with the discarded, tarnished & battered frames I had been collecting.
I began tearing, cutting, gluing, working and reworking my pieces with abandon! I quickly realized there was a theme I kept returning to.
~~~WOMEN~~~ My love and appreciation for the female form, the exciting period of the 1920's for women (especially in New York & Paris), and my curiosity for the early years in the circus and the women who chose that as a lifestyle, continues to keep me busy creatively.
My two grandmothers were products of the roaring and adventurous 1920's. Grandma Jo was a single, independent, working woman & a "flapper" in NYC, and Grandma Alice was an Armenian immigrant, survivor of the Turkish death marches, and also worked in Manhattan, sewing and eventually helping in designing women's clothing. I am certain that if reincarnation exists.... I was right there with these two amazing women!
I look at collage as an art form similar to that of mosaics and quilting. Taking something that already exists ...and transforming it into something quite different and beautiful.
I find immense pleasure in searching for and finding these (once treasured) items that would eventually be tossed in the recycling bin or dumpster. Preserving and creating an unexpected piece of art from it truly excites me!
Re-cycle, Re-use, Re-construct, Re-incarnation...Re-gina."

-Regina Nalbandian

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